Welcome to the official Russian Black Metal band website. Alvheim was founded in 2005 by Alvar who was inspired by Old Norse mythology and music of Norwegian Black Metal bands of the 90's like Darkthrone, Burzum, Satyricon, Enslaved etc. The name Alvheim was taken from Old Norse "Alfheimr" which means "Home of the Elves" - the one of the Nine Worlds in pagan Scandinavian universe, inhabited by the elves. After some line-up changes Alvar decided to compose and record music on his own, thus in 2009 the first Alvheim record was released through Gardarika Musikk label. It was titled "I Et Fjort Fortid" featuring 5 tracks in Norwegian. 

In 2011 Alvheim became a duo with James Heugen on bass-guitar. Soon after Alvheim started participating in various Black Metal compilations and recording some cover songs. The most significant thing at that time was the release of international tribute compilation to the memory of Urgehal's Trondr Nefas through the own label Imago Mortis Productions. To be continued...


I Et Fjort Fortid 

I Et Fjort Fortid

EP / 2009 Gardarika Musikk
Forsvunnet Filosofem 

Forsvunnet Filosofem

Compilation / 2011 Mirkwood Productions
A Tribute to Trondr Alastor Nefas 

A Tribute to Trondr Alastor Nefas

Compilation / 2012 Imago Mortis Productions
One Cold Night In Norway 

One Cold Night In Norway

Compilation / 2015 Speed Slaughter Productions
  • Alvar


    Guitars, vocals, lyrics

    Age: 32

    Current place: Russia, Sochi

    In band: 2005 - present

  • James



    Age: 41

    Current place: Russia, Sochi

    In band: 2011 - present



  • The Day of Quorthon’s Birthday we are also proud to announce that Alvheim is taking part in this new tribute compilation to mighty Bathory entitled “Blood Fire Valhalla – Ode to Bathory” which is to be released in summer 2015 as a limited edition triple CD and digital. Our contribution is “Born For Burning” from the classical album “The Return (Of The Darkness And Evil)”! Hail Quorthon!

    Check the official page of the tribute and follow the updates! More to come! Share and spread the world!

  • Hails! It’s time to present our latest recording! The cover song of Darkthrone’s “Striving For A Piece Of Lucifer” was recorded exclusively for Darkthrone “One Cold Night In Norway” tribute album, released through Speed Slaughter Productions on the 13th of December and available for free download! Enjoy and spread the word!

  • Recording session of Alvheim’s brand new material is planned for October-November this year, stay tuned! So far have a listen of a re-mastered version of Burzum’s “Et hvitt lys over skogen” cover that we originally recorded for the tribute to Burzum compilation “Forsvunnet Filosofem” released on the 2nd of June 2012 via internet by Mirkwood Productions and later on by Wodfreca records on limited CD.

  • And now it’s time to present our last recording for this year. This is Beastcraft’s Blackwinged Messiah of Blasphemy. We had a very busy year, and it was very productive. We jumped above our heads in every respect. We took part in a tribute compilation to Burzum in May, started our own label Imago Mortis Productions and released an international compilation in memory of Trondr Nefas and certainly got good support from Regina Kozlik, Ina Helmers, Negativ von Plaag, Sorath Northgroove. Thank you and everyone else for the spreading blackness across the web. KEEP THE FLAME OF BLACK METAL! \m/

    Alvar and James H.

  • We’re pleased to announce that the international tribute to Trondr Alastor Nefas “The Beast Awakens” is unleashed through Imago Mortis Productions! Since this date you are welcome to place your orders for it via personal messages right here, to official tribute’s page inbox! Pls state your postal address and contact e-mail in your orders and we’ll feedback you asap with payment details for you to chose. Pls be patient, we’ll reply to each of you! And keep following the updates here! Hail Trondr!!! Spread the virus worldwide!
  • Check and share this teaser for the tribute compilation to the great musician – Trondr Alastor Nefas! Just a brief glimpse of our common international attempt which we have been working on since May 2012. Don’t miss your chance to get it, the edition is limited! Hail Trondr! Thank You for all!

  • Alvheim presents Urgehal cover song Mankind Murder exclusively recorded for the international tribute to Trondr Alastor Nefas titled “The Beast Awakens”. Pictures and artwork used in this video are works by Ina Helmers! Enjoy! Hail Nefas!
  • We have finally decided to release the international tribute compilation to Trondr Alastor Nefas through our own label Imago Mortis Productions in a hand numbered limited edition of 200 copies. The release date is soon to be announced! Follow the updates! Any labels who can also be interested in this release and want to cooperate send us private messages for details. Trondr will never be forgotten!

  • We are working on the tribute compilation to deceased vocalist-guitarist of Urgehal, Beastcraft and Angst Skvadron. Release date – autumn 2012. All information you can find in Facebook page.

  • Label Mirkwood Productions has released an international tribute compilation to BURZUM. This release is available for free downloading on the network here. Later this compilation will be released in limited edition containing 3 disks by english label Wodfreca records.

  • Alvheim is recorded their version of the Burzum song Et Hvitt Lys Over Skogen for the forthcoming black metal/ambient tribute to Burzum compilation Forsvunnet Filosofem!!! Check it out in our official SoundCloud page –